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My name is [important] mike [/ important] and I was born in December 1997, even on the 12th day of December. I saw that the number 12 in my life covers a large part of it. In my high school life, I used the number 12 in many numerical values, like the last two digits of my university exam score. The most beautiful was December 12, 2012. Anyway, let me get out of this number conversation and explain to you how I headed to these things. I was surfing the internet after iftar in 2012 Ramadan, I wondered how these sites are made while browsing the normal internet pages. He immediately answered my question and brought me a series of websites, of course, as always and everybody did, I clicked on the first one and entered this first.

I started to create a site with page templates html structure from dreamweaver. Of course, I was doing all of these with dreamweaver. At first, I had created a draft by arranging the inside of them using ready-made templates, duplicating this draft and started to pillage pages and topics. My first works and these still ongoing works were doing for my father’s class, but what I did was not important for me, saying that what I learned is important to me, and I continued my work by saying that the files of the first site I made are still kept in a folder as my first effort. 🙂

I realized how ignorant I was at that time when I looked inside that folder, I was not tired of creating an html template for each page every time and giving a dreamweaver link. At that time, there was no one to help me, of course, forums etc. I did not know anything. I did not even subscribe to forums. I have dealt with this html for about 1 year. I created about [important] 6,000 [/ important] pages on that site and hand-linked each page. (How unemployed I was 🙂). Later, I learned a language on the internet called php (I did not learn the php language right away, do not get it wrong.) I would use that language for the membership system. But I have never heard of php logic, database logic and connecting them. Anyway, I tried to learn these terms and how to provide the connection and how they are expressions, but this learning was only enough to write a membership system. I put a simple membership system into my site that I created with html. I added a few features such as not showing some pages without membership, but I was still uninformed when I was opening the html template and writing through the codes while adding the contents. 🙂

Then I met wordpress (standard is about me information. 🙂) this meeting started as a blog, actually it was not exactly a blog.I thought that there is an easier aspect of it when I got bored with this html structure, so I will write something and share things without entering html codes every time.

Then I started to concentrate on this software. It immediately attracted me with its easy structure and beautiful designs. I was immersed in the WordPress realm now. Immediately afterwards, I deleted this html structure and made a nice start screen for the site and I installed wordpress with separate sub-domains for each category, each with different and appropriate designs, but I could not find a personal blog theme for the main part of the site as I wanted, or rather, I ran into preparation at that time Anyway, I started thinking about how to put the design I wanted in this software and opened the theme’s files. I tampered with and tampered with, but the basics broke down every time I was able to change the places of the basic things. However, I always wanted to continue again so I decided to continue again. 🙂

This time I understood some things, I was aware of some things. We did a lot of research with my uncle google for wordpress theme coding. When I saw great interest and positive comments, I immediately started to make a second theme.

After I made my 2nd theme, I published it and put it on sale. 4 people bought the theme and the theme price was around 10 $, but the value of that theme was not 10 $ in my eyes. I used a lot of js and slide effects in that theme. However, these effects got me in trouble in the future, if you will say why, js were always finding and combining effects from right to left. These were overloading the site and the theme was getting too heavy. Then, when I said to make a few changes, the theme stopped working on other hosts, it only worked where I installed it as a demo where I first installed it. 


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