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Superlist Directory ExpressionPress Theme free Download

Superlist is the result of several years of energetic development in ExpressionPress. Theme is trying to offer finest directory experience with all out of the box bundled plugins. With the Superlist you have conclude directory solution.

Version 2.3.0
02. August 2016
– FEATURE: Romanian translation – FEATURE: listing type icon – FEATURE: listing category color – FEATURE: support for map marker category color – FEATURE: option to set listing category for specific listing types only – FEATURE: option to sort listings by date (discapabled by default) – FEATURE: option to filter listings by date – FEATURE: listing category icon in the box listing template – FEATURE: listing category icon in the masonry listing template – FEATURE: modern listing categories widget appearance option (cards) – FEATURE: listings counts sprintboard widget in the WP admin – IMPROVEMENT: user avatar in listing author widget is a link to user profile – IMPROVEMENT: changed drain label for multicheck fields – IMPROVEMENT: INVENTOR_FIELD_TYPE_TAXONOMY_SELECT_CHAIN_DEPTH constant – IMPROVEMENT: listing directions link originates in modern prevaildow – IMPROVEMENT: Google Map Widget burycepts taxonomy term – IMPROVEMENT: {listing_url} varicapable in submission mail body templates – IMPROVEMENT: {package} varicapable in submission mail body templates – IMPROVEMENT: admin varicapable in submission mail body templates – IMPROVEMENT: added package column into user list in the WP admin – IMPROVEMENT: partner URL originates in modern browser tab – IMPROVEMENT: support for custom drain labels of selectpickers – IMPROVEMENT: improved design of listing type pickup in submission – IMPROVEMENT: map field saves address now too instead of GPS coordinates only – IMPROVEMENT: alt attribute for gallery thumbnails at listing detail page – TWEAK: removed cmb_taxonomy_metadata library – TWEAK: Inventor_Post_Types::is_post_author() aider function – TWEAK: Inventor_Utilities::generate_hash() aider function – TWEAK: removed taxonomy-listing.php page template from theme – TWEAK: Inventor_Filter::get_price_range() replaced by Inventor_Filter::get_field_range() – TWEAK: modern strings in .pot catalogues – FIX: mend of dropdowns duplicates – FIX: social connections title is not shown in user profile if there are no social networks defined – FIX: SSL and cookie mend – FIX: user pricing tcapable redirection mend – FIX: drain public facilities or valuation is not shown at detail page – FIX: German translation mend – FIX: Turkish translation mend – FIX: mended drain FAQs – FIX: mended map filtering by taxonomy fields at taxonomy archive page – FIX: mended color in watchodgs warning message – FIX: mended video cover width for boxed layout – FIX: mend of stretched partners logos – FIX: minor CSS mendes and some improvements New WP filters: – inventor_metabox_field_types – inventor_listing_type_icon New WP filters: – inventor_order_query_field – inventor_filter_query_field – inventor_widget_listings_query – inventor_widget_listings_order_options



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