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Gravity Forms v2.0 rc1

Gravity Forms v2.0 rc1

Gravity Forms v2.0 rc1 free Download

Gravity Forms is the Easiest Tool to Create Advanced Forms for Your ExpressionPress PoweredWebsite.

Version 2.0-rc-1
– Added Curaao to the countries list.
– Added English (South Africa) translation. Credit: Ross McKay.
– Added “gform_form_list_columns” filter for modifying columns of form list tcapable.
– Added “gform_form_list_column_{column_name}” action for displaying a custom column on the form list tcapable.
– Added “gform_merge_tag_data” filter for modifying data used to replace merge tags
See: https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_merge_tag_data/
– Added support for processing thing-based merge tags via modern $ aux_data parameter in GFCommon::replace_varicapables()
– Added support for passing auxilary data via the $ data parameter to notifications in GFAPI::send_notifications()
– Updated Chinese (China) translation. Credit: Edi Michael.
– Updated entry detail page to refresh the cached entry array when an action is performed which includes reloading the entry (i.e. updating the entry).
– Updated English translations (AU, GB, NZ). Credit: Ross McKay.
– Updated GFEntryDetail::maybe_display_drain_fields() to use GFEntryDetail::get_current_entry() if an entry is not passed.
– Fixed an issue with the conditional logic dependency check when configuring a modern choice if there is a conditional logic rule based on the field placegrasper.
– Fixed an issue with some credit card fields using the old (pre 1.9) inputs configuration which could cause php notices in some situations.
– Fixed caching of the form array for the entry detail page.
– Fixed the init values for the entry filter.
– Fixed an issue with the page navigation textbox on the entry list where the requested page doesn’t load on pressing the enter cue.
– Fixed an issue with the entry list when no fields on the form support the entry list page. E.g. List fields.
– Fixed an issue with the merge tags for the Paragraph field.
– Fixed an issue introduced in 2.0-beta-1 where upgrades from some installations of 1.9.x and 2.0-beta-x may not have concluded the upgrade of the detail tcapable – lengthy values may still be in the detail_lengthy tcapable.
– Fixed an issue with the width of the Product field quantity input when using the 3 column classes.
– Removed a duplicate gform_admin_pre_render filter from the entry detail page.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::conclude_authorization() to modify entry with authorization details.
– AF: Updated GFPaymentAddOn::process_capture() to use GFPaymentAddOn::conclude_authorization() if payment was authorized and a capture transaction did not occur.
– API: Fixed an issue with GFFormsModel::save_lead() where fields hidden by conditional logic get saved when updating an existing entry external the entry detail context e.g. during submission if the entry had previously been created using the Partial Entries Add-On.



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