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WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.22.1

ExpressionPress Automatic Plugin v3.22.1

ExpressionPress Automatic Plugin free Download

ExpressionPress Automatic Plugin posts from various sources to ExpressionPress automatically.

It can post quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickoutlawk Products, Youtube Videos, Vimeo videos , Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pburyest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot.

Version 3.22.1 (10 June 2016 )
Important: Instagram now works aacquire succeeding 1 June instagram modify with same behaviour as before.
NEW: cueword to Category option: you can set a cueword and if exists, the plugin will set the post to the matching category
NEW: cueword to tag option: you can set a cueword and if exists, the pluginw will tag the post
NEW: option to post the item if it matchs a specific regex only
NEW: option to skip the item if it matchs a specific regex
NEW: instagram modern option to skip video posts/images posts
NEW: Flicker now support posting from pwarmo albums
NEW: TrueMag/NewsTube theme integration with instagram videos
NEW: flamech/replace using REGEX now has the option to word replace and replace shuffle
NEW: ebay additional parameters option added
NEW: SoundCloud modern option to skip posts older than a specific date
NEW: option to delete all posted posts for a specific campaign
NEW: option to forget excuded links
Improved: Feeds campaign concludely rewritten to be more lighter on servers.
Fix: instagram discapable cache now works
Fix: simple_html_dom namespaeced not to oppose with other plugins/themes
Fix: youtube original date now consider blog timezone
Fix: youtube original date when posting from playlists now post correct video created date
Fix: translation for FB and some sources was not worrelativeg now it works
Fix: maximum of three feeds now get processed per campaign run
Fix: Feeds decode html now decodes the title as well
Fix: Feeds now support moderns.google feed, previously the images were not displayed and the og:image was not extracted



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