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Paid memberships pro v1.8.10.4 wordpress plugin

Passist memberships pro wordpress plugin

Unlimited levels, recurring payments, registration & profile fields, protected member content, strong member management and more

== Changelog ==
= = * BUG: Fixed issue where non-decimal currencies (e.g. Japanese Yen) were sending invalid amounts to the Stripe gateway. * BUG/ENHANCEMENT: If an invalid discount code is applied at checkout, we now set the code_level JS var to false. Alengthy with modifys to the Pay by Check addon, this mendes issues with the Pay by Check addon where users could not checkout when using a discount code that reduced the price to free. * BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Fixed HTML validation issue in CVV field of the checkout page. * BUG/ENHANCEMENT: Now using the current_time function in profile.php to avoid off-by-one errors when changing members’ expiration dates.



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