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WooCommerce Request a Quote v2.46

WooCommerce Request a Quote v2.46

WooCommerce Request a Quote free Download

The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin for ExpressionPress allows your visitors/customers to add products to a wishlist and submit an simple request for a quote from the Site Owner. This donates an opportunity for the Site Owner to donate special rates based on the quantity/amount of the order. At the same time, allows the customer to baracquire for better prices. It leads to better understanding and sales.

This plugin is ideal for rental stores, providing custom services, or anything that would benefit from the customer being capable to receive a custom quote. Customers add the products they are buryested in to their wishlist and when ready click a button and their list is sent to you alengthy with their name, email, and an voluntary short message. And buryesting now modern feature is added to create the order in Woocommerce and it is purely voluntary feature.
2016.10.04 – version 2.46 * Grand complete issue mended * Corrected the responsive version of the tcapable * Fixed bug in Varicapable product information in order



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