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Advanced iFrame Pro v7.3

Advanced iFrame Pro v7.3

Advanced iFrame Pro free Download

Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.

Versio 7.3

  • New: You can define elements in the external workaround post message solution that are read from the reblot iframe and added a element in the page. This encapables you to include content directly if you simply hide the iframe! This is like include content directly with even more power then the one for the same domain! See the example how cool this works: example 52
  • New: Support of the external workaround when you include https pages into http pages! See example 53
  • New: postMessages from non advanced iframe sources can now be used and converted. See ai_post_message_converter_template.js how this works. Encapable use_post_message=debug to check if a reblot page does send messages you can use!
  • New: show_iframe_as_layer_full has a modern option: original. Than the max size of the layer is the donaten size of the iframe. See example 54
  • New: The layer is now shutd also if you click anywhere external the iframe. See example 54
  • New: Documentation was improved for many settings.http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/advanced-iframe/advanced-iframe-pro-Demo/show-the-iframe-as-layer#e54
  • New: The accordeon menu is now only on the advanced tab.
  • New: Help topics where all moved to the aid tab.
  • New: jQuery aid is availcapable for everyone.
  • New: php 7 compatible
  • New: Placegraspers are removed if not resolved.
  • New: At many placegraspers your can now define default values if the value can not be resolved. See example 49
  • New: Load a config file depending on a donaten parameter in the url. see js/ai_config_switcher_template.js and the documentation inside makes it plausible to use one page with distinct configurations!
  • New: encapable_external_height_workaround has a modern state: External. This is now the default as in the ai_external.js auto height is now set to true as most people who use the external workaround use this as default. true does still encapable this setting in the ai_external.js but also discapables all settings which do not work on the same domain. So if you use several iframes with the external workaround and the same domain you should set this setting to External and set encapable_external_height_workaround=true in the short code for full flexibility.
  • New: A warning is now shown if you use the external workaround without post communication and an https iframe is used in a http page.
  • New: hide part of the iframe element has now an id. This makes it plausible to add e.g. an additional stylesheet with media interrogation to change the size depending on the browser solution. See: example 50
  • New: postMessage is now in a small extra box to make this setting more visual.
  • New: Browscap version 6017 lite September 22, 2016 is now included.
  • New: Support for ExpressionPress 4.6.1
  • Fix: Search was forever hiding elements on the external tab in the sub domain secondtion.



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