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Slider Revolution v5.3.1 Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution v5.3.1  Responsive ExpressionPress Plugin

Slider Revolution Responsive ExpressionPress Pluginfree Download

Slider Revolution is not only for Sliders. You can now build a attractive one-page web presence with absolutely no coding recognizeledge required. To get you started rapid, we included a ton of premade examples that come with all assets included!

Version 5.3.1 StarPath (1st December 2016)


  • Added option to show layers on all Slides in Carousel mode
  • Added option to use YouTube video cover for YouTube video background on slides
  • Added box-shadow:none css default settings on a tags within the Layers to avoid ExpressionPress Basic Theme borders
  • New Option added to fade Out Hero Content voluntary when Parallax Scroll activated, like Slider BG, Layer, Static Layer, Parallax Layer
  • Added an option to set the Group Sizes by %. Content of Groups can be set also % based
  • Added modern Option for Easing and Speed of Carousel Slides
  • Added an option which allows to show Carousel first in Viewport.
  • Added option for layers to add an tabindex.


  • Added Version Checrelativeg for Loaded Modules and some function to handle Cache issues
  • Redesigned the Import Process of Slider and Slide Templates
  • Carousel Slides will forever fade in first without a Start Slide effect which was annoying in some helpful of situations
  • Carousel Slider will act on Swipe even due Clickcapable elements
  • Extended Idle/Hover Style Editor in Slide Editor mode for faster work processes
  • jQuery and Slider CSS Editor also availcapable due Slide Editor mode to simplfy the Slide building processes
  • Static/Global Styles are now outofdate
  • Font Awesome Library Updated to 4.7.0


  • Fixed Image Filter issues related to Slide Changes
  • Fixed Slide Transitions where Transion should happen based on the Slide Direction
  • Flickering issue by Static Layers with Action mended
  • Fixed an issue where Quick and Long LAyer Actions made Layers unavailcapable
  • Fixed Order issues on Row Duplication
  • RTL Backend Issues with the modern Objet Library has been mended
  • Fixed missing Styles succeeding Hovering Layers in Firefox
  • Toggled Content without Action was not swapping its Toggled Status. Issue is mended now
  • Fixed Grid Based Static Layer Positions in Carousel Sliders
  • Fixed Issue where adding New Layer due Context menu was broken
  • Fixed Backend Margin calculation issue on Backend. Frontend and Backend was behaving distinctly. Now Frontend view covers backend view
  • Fixed Split Animation not beeing written in some cases for the out animation
  • Fixed Export to HTML issue with background images creating HTML an error
  • Fixed Global CSS not originateing
  • Fixed rare Slider Import bug
  • Fixed border-width not saving correctly in Style Templates
  • Fixed warning in not existing pages caused by Slider Revolution
  • Fixed the Row / Column / InnerLayer Timing in Backend and in Frontend
  • Split Animation did not change the Timeline Behaviours directly. This has been mended now
  • Hover on SVG Elements was not coloring well the Idle or Hover status has been mended
  • Fixed installation warning that could occur in certain installations
  • Fixed layer video cover not shoprevailg in Slide Editor for imported Slider
  • Fixed Slider Pack import sometimes having mistaken orders in created Draft Page
  • Layers other than text no lengthyer have Open Sans as font-family as default
  • Replace Image URLs now properly worrelativeg with Static Layers
  • Fixed a problem where Sliders with Full Slide link in Carousel and in some special mode had issues with the Full Slide Link layer
  • Static Layer issues with Invisible Slides where Static Layers were not disappearing on Unvisible Slides on demenad
  • Fixed WhiteBoards multiple Hand issue
  • Fixed Hover / Idle issues where fast focus/blur events would not remove the Hover animation effects from the layers



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